Welcome to Cattery DTails

Savannah kat & Devon Rex

We are Jos & Liss and we have a Savannah & Devon Rex cattery located in Alkmaar, North Holland.
We are certified as a competent keeper of dogs and cats.
We have a few adult studs and queens that belong to our family, they follow us everywhere.
Every now and then we have a litter of kittens that grow up in our living room and are socialized with the help of our 3 young children.
Our goal is to breed healthy, sweet and especially very social kittens that fit perfectly into a family.
You might not believe it, but the Savannah and the Devon Rex go very well together!

Cattery Dtails - Savannah - F6C kater - Black Tabby Spotted - Mozes of DTails - 1,5 jaar oud - Kattenfotografie - Dierfotografie - Door: Ellen Reus - Kattenfotografie.com

The Savannah has a very affectionate and energetic character. They need a lot of exercise, many Savannah owners have a Cat Wheel for the cats in the house where they can spend their energy.
Savannah’s get along well with children and other animals, provided this is socialized on time, of course, but this is no different from any other breed. They prefer to be around you all day and follow you wherever possible.
We vaccinate with Fevaxyn, which is a completely dead vaccine, as hybrid varieties can be very sensitive to the other vaccines.
For more information about these 2 unique varieties, we would like to refer you to the rest of the website.

The Devon Rex is a very inquisitive little breed and what makes them so much fun is that they trust you so much that almost any Devon Rex will jump into your arms from the ground like little monkeys. In contrast to the Savannah, a Devon Rex needs a lot less space. They have a soft curly coat and they hardly shed. The Devon Rex is kind to children and prefers to lie on your lap or on your neck all day long. There are stories about that the Devon Rex has a hypo-allergenic coat and would therefore be suitable for people with an allergy, however there is no hypo-allergenic coat, but from experience we know that people with severe cat allergies sometimes have no or hardly any allergies. respond to a Devon Rex.